For the LOVE of Pets

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Playfully Connecting People who LOVE Pets!

Your pet is your best buddy and a source of fun, laughter, and unconditional love. PetPal is an app that provides a unique, pet-specific platform for sharing that love, excitement, and friendship with others!


An App for You + Your Pet

PetPal is specifically designed so you can easily share fun, meaningful & inspiring pictures, videos, stories, and events about your pet and other pets - and animals in general.  

  • Quickly create a profile for each of your pets

  • Easily post pictures & videos and share stories

  • Watch popular videos and read trending posts and news stories

  • Connect with other pet owners in your local area and around the world

  • Find local pet-related service providers, charities, products and stores


A Place For You + Your Best Friend

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Need a break from your crazy day?

Log on and instantly connect to a source of happiness - and a reminder of what’s good in life.


Connect to a Worldwide Community of Pet Lovers

PetPal is the source for quickly finding and connecting with a community of people who share your pet-related interests & enjoyment.  

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A News Feed for your Best Friend

PetPal is the place for learning about pet-related trends, health tips, and for reading the latest pet-related news.


Meet Other Pet Lovers

Easily reach out to those who frequent your local dog park or other favorite outing spots.  Make play dates, share tips, give and receive advice and ideas, and make plans to attend local events like dog shows and pet conventions.


Find a New Pet or Help a Pet Charity

Readily find places to adopt a new pet and locate pet charities looking for volunteers and donations.


Give your Pal a Profile

PetPal is designed so that each pet (or other animal) has its own unique personalized profile.  You can include fun details such as your pet’s breed, talents, favorite foods & toys, likes and dislikes, and stuff you’d like to share about their human family members.


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