Is PetPal coming for Android?

Our initial launch will be for iPhone. The Android version of PetPal is also in the works, slated for a later launch date.

If I don’t download the app, is there a version of PetPal available as a website?

Yes, soon there will be a website version of PetPal here at Until then, to use PetPal, you do need an iPhone or iOS device.

What if I don’t have a pet?

We understand that lots of animal lovers who don’t have pets would love to use PetPal. When you signup, if you tell PetPal you don’t have an animal of your own, the app will set you up with an account name such as Top Dog 25 or Cool Cat 12, and you can choose any photo you want for your account’s profile picture — like a cartoon animal, for instance, if you’d like.

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How can I invest in PetPal?

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